Important dates:

Submission deadline:
July 24.

Notification of Acceptance:
August 24.

September 30.

Team for Research in Ubiquitous Secure Technology (TRUST)


The objective of the workshop is to discuss model-based methods for the design of Health Information Systems (HIS) offering a revolutionary new way for the interaction between medical patients and Health Care Providers. While other information-intensive industries have developed and deployed standards-based, secure information infrastructures, healthcare has been characterized as a ‘trillion dollar cottage industry’ that is still dependent upon paper records and fragmented, error-prone approaches to service delivery. The primary concern is security and privacy that needs to be organically integrated into HIS architectures.

The workshop intends to bring computer scientists, medical experts, and legal policy experts together to discuss research results in the development and application of model-based methods for representing, analyzing and integrating, architectures, privacy and security policies, computer security mechanisms, web authentication, and human factors engineering. A central focus of the discussions will be a Design Platform, which will provide a suite of modeling languages, modeling tools, model verification tools and model-based generators for building HIS, integrating HIS with Electronic Medical Record systems and the business processes of providers.

Selected papers will be published in the prestigious Methods of Information in Medicine (MIM) journal.